Friday, June 18, 2010

May Fun! (2nd Edition)

We also visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and had such a great time! Add Video We were able to explore a touch tank, see giant jelly fish, and even walk through a water tunnel, where there were fish all around us in a clear tunnel, above beside and EVEN below us as we walked. There were even sharks in the tank! The boys were ecstatic! And Grammy, Ronpa, Matt and I had a great time, too!Align Center

I just hear the Jaws theme when I look at this! Noah exploring the anemone. It was so cool to be able to touch the anemone, and the star fish. It was amazing at how different the star fish felt... so many different kinds, ones with rough and hard 'shells'? and some that were as soft as velvet. It was such a cool experience for the Boys! Giant Jellys! Caleb LOVED the Jellys! Ok.... we ALL did! Exploring God's Beautiful Creation! We serve a seriously creative God! Daddy and the Twins up front, Grammy and Caleb in back, checking everything out! I LOVE this one! All three of my Babies, exploring the creatures of the ocean!


Ladners'Latest said...

Great pictures. What a fun time. And welcome back...I missed you :)