Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friends and Family

The night before the marathon, we had a big party with friends and family that I have not seen in years. Ron's son Chris and his wife Shannon stayed with us while we were there, and it was such a joy to spend that time with them, and get to know them even better. Aunt Shannon was a BIG hit with the boys! She is so much fun, and they just bonded with her! We also saw my Grandpa, who has never met the twins, and dear friends, Terri, and my Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Albert came out for the festivities. It was such a joy to see everyone and have them share in the joy of my upcoming race!

Aunt Shannon took the boys down to the pond, where they found a salamander, and Noah FREAKED out! But other than that, they had SO MUCH FUN!
Checking out the pond.

Aunt Shannon is checking to see if Jonah has any loose teeth. ;o)
Aunt Terri, Ron, Mom's Ron, Grandpa, and us!
Mom, Grandpa, and us.
Our Family with Great Grandpa Bryant