Friday, June 18, 2010

May Fun! (1st Edition)

Wow! I am SO behind in blogging! I have so much to catch up on!!! I need to get all the wonderful photos and share all the beautiful experiences we have had the last month +, including a fantastic family vacation with my Mom, and Ron, visiting Bonnie (one of our delightful college girls that joined the Coast Guard last fall), running my 2nd marathon in Eugene Or. And of course, Noah and Jonah's 4th birthday!!! So, bare with me, as I catch up my on-line scrapbook. I hope you enjoy sharing these recent memories with me!______________________________________

The end of April, we headed to Oregon to spend a delightful week of vacation with my Mommy, and to indulge my addiction of marathoning! After training all winter long, it was finally the count down to my second marathon, in Eugene Oregon. We went early to spend a few days at the coast with Mom and Ron, and we had an AMAZING time!

Matt, Jonah, Caleb, Noah and Mommy... Standing in Depot Bay, Oregon... It was SO windy! But we were searching for whales. So, it was worth it!
Grammy and her boys.

We made a stop in to the Whale Observatory which was incredible. We were able to search for whales, using binoculars, get lots of information about whales from their knowledgeable volunteers, and check out their exhibits! All for FREE! Incredible.
What can you see in there?
Caleb taking a peek through the portal.
We then made our way to the coast guard station in Depot Bay to visit Bonnie! Our whole family has missed her so much, as she recently moved from Lewiston to join the Coast Guard. Bonnie was so sweet, and took us on a personal tour of one of their big Coast Guard boats! The boys were so delighted to see her, and so excited at the adventure she showed us all! Bonnie, we are SO proud of you, and we are SO happy we were able to see you on this trip!
Checking out the boat!
Bonnie and the Little Boys!
We heart you, Bonnie!